5 Things You Must Know About Online Marketing Trend 2016

Online marketing includes advertisement and marketing attempts to employ various approaches of the web, email and additional electronic means to promote the products and services to make their brand recognizable among the targeted audiences. Although the online marketing industry is compound and unstable, it gives the real experience on the current marketing trends and techniques.

Some of the benefits of Online Marketing include:

  • Potential development
  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Reliable communication
  • Well managed arrangements
  • Enhanced customer service

Nothing remains constant at the globe, neither do online marketing trends. So, we are almost at the end of the year 2015 and about to welcome the year 2016 with lots of updates together with fresh and exciting technologies.

Now, lets us give quick look on the online marketing trend 2016

Social media

Social media refers to the well-liked site that should the online activities of various internet audiences through the post they share from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and many more. In general, 73% of internet audiences hold at least one social media profiles within 2015 which has adversely increased from 48% of audiences who has a profile in 2010. Moreover, it is likely to grow by 180 million to 200 million from 2016 to 2019. So, the social media users are expected to increase more in 2016.

Emerge of Virtual Reality

There are various virtual reality devices that are ready to get released in the upcoming years. Some of them are dedicated for particular applications such that video games and other additional which are obtainable for general purpose. One of the most overestimated types of Virtual Reality device “Oculus Rift” is ready to release within the start of 2016. Some of the Virtual reality devices will also appear integrating to the most well recognized social media channel, video channel and additional form of direct messaging.

Fresh optimization approaches

Previously, most of the online marketing approaches depend on Search engine optimization (SEO) plus Pay per click (PPC). However, following the year 2016, some of the fresh optimization approaches like Siri and Cortana will be introduced. Almost every company proprietors will look forward to make sure their business is available through the Virtual assistants instead of only listing the details on the internet.

Content is always king

Each year, the content marketing approach makes the list for online marketing trend. Same thing will be kept into practice in the upcoming year as well. Quality and applicable content will be the winner to produce more organic reach. So, make sure you provide every detail about the brand via blog, web content and social media platforms.

Mobile Devices will be more preferred than desktop

Since users got mobile device more convenient than desktops, there was emerge in the desktop device in the year 2015. There was more traffic from the mobile devices compared to the desktop. Search engine Google also announced that mobile traffic was beyond the desktop traffic. Moreover, Google also updated its algorithm to penalize the websites which are not well optimized for mobile devices.

To Wrap Up,

These are the things that you must know about online marketing trend 2016. The art of online marketing includes discovering the proper marketing strategies that reveals your targeted marketplace which certainly helps to improve the conversion rate. If you think, I have missed any of the important points you can mention in the comment. Your comments and feedbacks are always welcomed.

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